This website will contain materials and links to resources discussed at the Data Science in R and Python Bootcamp led by Uma Ravat at UIUC May 20, 2019 - May 31 2019 as part of the PI4 Computational Mathematics Bootcamp

  • We will have a scientific discussion about data
  • How do you think critically about data, and all the things that go along with it?
  • What is Data Literacy vs Data Science vs Data Analytics/Learning

A showcase of favorite visualizations generated by students as part of various activities and projects during the bootcamp can be found at the Projects tab

Student testimonials.

Her enthusiasm was encouraging and gave us a sense of confidence that we could get the job done.

I feel confident to take the skills I’ve learned and to apply them to data sets i am curious about.

As stressful as the overlapping deadlines were, getting such a bulk of projects and mini-projects done really helped solidify the coding “theory” we learned.

group projects were really useful in communicating with others and learning the language.

Time and activities well-structured, clear instructions, good amount of group work

The exercises were insightful and helpful for the activities and projects.

the breadth was awesome, and a very hands-on approach was taken—this feels very relevant specifically for data science

It was very organized which is good and all of the presentations and labs were very well done.

Many chances to do projects with actual data

Covered a lot in a short amount of time. Material was clear.

She took an interest in us as people, was optimistic about our ability to learn the material, and excited about the material.